Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Not dead!

Taking a break from studying to let you know that I'm not dead...just studying.

I'm in my last stretch of midterms, with my last one today at 11 for my Bio Lab practical.

Let me quote my teacher to you: "You can study 8 hours a day for the next week, and you will still fail"

So...yeah. Very encouraging, and I've been doing my best to remember everything we've ever learned or looked at in the lab and those crazy latin names really don't like to stick in my spongy brain.

But! I was inspired while sitting here at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to let you know that their pumpkin chocolate chunk "muffin" (hah, muffin, don't make me laugh, its a cupcake without frosting) is absolutely delicious. It seemed vaguely halloweeny, and a good excuse to break from my study session.

I'll be tempted to try their caramel apple ice blended thing next...why is fall coffee food so damn yummy?

Back to malacostraca and pedipalps and synconoid sponges!

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