Thursday, October 8, 2009


I have to say that one of the reasons I've let this blog skip a few days is because I have to promise myself that I will do my homework before I let myself go all Halloweeny.

I am blatantly ignoring that rule tonight.

Suck it, math!

Now, while this post is not stricly Halloween related so-to-speak, it is still freaking awesome and well...there's costumes involved.

And yes, that is me standing next to C-3PO. Or rather, his empty shell. And then I went inside to listen to his soul, Anthony Daniels, narrate the story of Star Wars from beginning to end, while listening to a live orchestra and choir belt out the tunes that have made my heart soar for the past, oh god. Too long and not long enough.

And he did it in a rhinestone bow tie and a gold vest. Oh, Anthony Daniels.

Oh, did I mention I'm a vapid Star Wars nerd? I've had my fair share of Star Wars marathons in my life, most recently a few weeks ago accompanied with Wookiee Cookies and Bossk Brownies. And water opera soda, which was our cheap excuse for using rainbow sherbet instead of lime to make Yoda soda.

Anyways, they had a really neat "museum" of costumes and props from the movies which absolutely made me squee with fangirl delight. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) there were thousands of other fans squeeing around the same exhibits so I didn't get a chance to get all the pictures I wanted.

They had threepioh and vader setting off the entrance right when you walked into the venue. Around the corner I found Chewie, in all of his massively tall glory. Queen Amidala was there as well, her headpiece looking a little worse for wear but I mean, c'mon. It went through a lot. Also gracing the halls were various aliens I am not geeky enough to know, as well as Grand Moff Tarkin, Yoda, 2 ewoks (which are actually rather creepy in person) and everyone's favorite bounty hunter, Boba. They also had a display of an original score for a battle, as well as various weapons which my boyfriend proceeded to explain were very very mildly altered airsoft guns ( of them was very clearly just an M4). But then I proceeded to geek out because I knew half of the guns anyways, and my beau rolled his eyes and called me a geek.

The live music was even more amazing than the costumes, but I am a total nerd, and am actually currently listening to the soundtrack anyways. It's hard to imagine 4 trumpets and one tuba making the gigantic sound that they did, even if they were accompanied by a bajillion piece violin section.

And now, I simply cannot put off this blasted homework any longer. But this weekend, lemme just give you a hint to what's coming up: Fried Pumpkin Ice Cream. Oh god.


  1. Haha you mean the ignoring homework part or the Star Wars part? Both are pretty awesome.