Thursday, October 1, 2009

Busy college student is busy!

Sorry for the late update guys! I've had a crazy hectic day and I stayed up late doing a project then woke up early to go to class then went to the gym then had to stay late at my first day of work at the Autism Lab...

But the weather was perfect, soCal has welcomed fall just in time. The weather was cool and crisp with a slight breeze and oh man, it was just the perfect reminder that its October!

Which means Halloween is coming!

So today I came home and finished up a project my mom and I have been working on for a few weekends.

A Halloween Countdown Calendar!


These things. I seriously doubt anybody who really has any intention of remaking this would need me to list the materials, but there they are. Basically this entire project was an excuse to buy Halloween fabric, which I always oggle but can never find an excuse to buy. So my mom and I picked out this cute glittery pumpkiny ghosty fabric for our background, sewed some pockets on, grossgrain ribbon, and added sticky foam numbers to make my life easier.

It will be filled with candy! And a little ghost marker I have yet to make/take a picture of, who will help me countdown the days to Halloween, and devour the candy on my way.

Once it is up (I need some ribbon to hang it...) I will post an action shot for your benefit, all four of my readers.

Hope you're as excited for this countdown as I am!

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