Friday, October 16, 2009

Danse Macabre

This song just oozes Halloween to me. Camile Saint-Saens is brilliant, and when you look up the song on youtube you find all sorts of fun videos put to the music. I liked this one particularly.

In band (yes, I'm a bandie, trumpet for 12 years now) we played the...well the wind band version rather than the orchestral version, so that will probably have a place in my heart forever. We had a saxophone play the violin solo and the windy, reedy, breathiness of the sax just made the song that much creepier to me.

If you want I can go all music theory on you and tell you about the representations of wind and ghosts and skeletons by all the different motifs and themes, but I'll refrain. I should be working anyways.

Enjoy! Take some time to look up other vids on youtube, there are some pretty neat ones.

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