Sunday, October 4, 2009

Takin Down the Boxes

So, yesterday was completely fabulous. While I had planned to write a draft of my essay for class, the boxes in the garage just kept calling my name and I had to listen.

My family has 5 Halloween boxes. One contains old costumes, and the other four contain various Halloween decorations. I won't post pictures of all of it because, geez, there's four boxes!

My main focus became unpacking the boxes and dressing up our patio, which is the perfect little enclosed space to be Halloweeny. My dad hangs up a blacklight every year, and we have glowy spiders and bats and ghosts, and this year my dad purchased a skeleton to hang and glow and be creepy.

Now, I am not a creepy/scary/gory Halloween person. I think most of the stuff Halloween stores are selling now is cheesy and cheap, and I avoid severed hands and disgusting corpses rising from the ground. I'm much more of a classic pumpkin/black cat/bat type Halloweener. Its more classic, its more accessible, and its what I've grown up with.

I'll be featuring more of my Halloween decor in the upcoming month, and for now I leave you with a picture of Tweety with a pumpkin, one of a series of light-up Halloween Looney Tunes (including a skeleton Daffy with a cauldron, Taz in a pumpkin patch and Sylvester at a witch's cauldron).

I've got a surprise in store for you tomorrow! A good friend of mine will be making a guest post, and I hope you all enjoy the change of pace!

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  1. I understand. The one thing I told my Mother was to never, ever, throw out the old deco's.
    They are MINE!
    I spent many a year gazing at them.
    I feel young again just thinking about it.