Friday, October 9, 2009

Fried Pumpkin Ice Cream!

Now, I was intending to do a "Tasty Tuesdays" segment, but this was so tasty I couldn't wait.

I got the idea from the CRAFT magazine blog, who recently posted a link to this instructable:

Hm...I have a box of cornflakes I've been meaning to use up. Oooh I have some extra toasted coconut from my attempt at homemade samoas and macaroons. Cinnamon and chile powder, I bet this would be good with nutmeg and my new favorite ice cream!

I want to personally thank whoever is in charge of making this delicious, delicious ice cream. I am a big pumpkin pie fan, but most generic pumpkin pie flavors don't have as much spice as I like (my mommy's recipe has double all the spice that Fannie Farmer does). This has just the right amount of sweet and spice and everything nice. Anyways! So, I tried scooping it out with a spoon and making it round that way, but there really is no other way but to use your hands to form these, and there's something very satisfying about smooshing ice cream in your hands (after washing, please!) Then shove them back in the freezer, you need them cold cold cold.

Next, take your leftover mini box of cornflakes in your pantry from your sister's camping trip where she ate all the good cereal in the pack like froot loops and kix...(or you can use a normal size box I guess, my mom said frosted flakes might be good, or even cocoa pebbles if you like the chocolate pumpkin combo as I do) and I added coconut. To be honest, I didn't taste it much except that it added a slightly toasty hint, but you could do without. Shake of cinnamon, shake of nutmeg (didn't feel like grating it fresh, sue me) and smoosh!

Next, beat up an egg in a back alley, I mean small bowl, and take your frozen ice cream balls and dip them in the egg, then coat in corn flakey goodness. I had a bit of trouble releasing mine from the plate, but a spatula made quick work of that. Back into the freezer they go!

Now, is where you should not follow my example. Do not do this in a small pot like I did, but I am really freaky about wasting oil. A shallow sided dish works best, and it needs to be wide enough so that your ice cream doesn't crowd itself. I used my candy thermometer to check that it was up to 375 degrees ("DEEP FRY" on my thermometer, I love that it has that) and then fry them. Quickly. Stupidly quickly. Like seriously 2 seconds in 2 seconds flip 2 seconds out. My first one burned because I left it in for 5 seconds. You just want it to brown and crisp up. Do drop it in with a spoon, and not your hand, because those five seconds will be the most terrifying five seconds you ever spend in the kitchen.

Add fork and enjoy! They disappeared rather fast so I'd say they were pretty good. If you're terrified of oil, as I now am, I'd stick with sprinkling nutmeg and cornflakes over your ice cream. Deeeelicious!

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