Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Movie Picks

Apologies, life has caught up with me the past few days, and I have midterms coming up...October was probably not the best month to attempt this, but Halloween is only in this month!

Now, as we have already established that I don't like creepy scary gory things, that seems to limit my choice of Halloween-themed entertainment. Normally at my house during parties, I put on a movie related to the theme so people have something to do if they don't feel like socializing.

So, here is my list of Netflix Instant Queue movies that I have ready and waiting:

-Addams Family (the movie, and the first season, which I'm actually going to watch on my own because Addams Family = love)
-Old school episodes of Scooby Doo (how can you not love him? I'm so glad my sister has the sense to play this for my nephew, rather than whatever junk is on TV now)
-Corpse Bride
-Nightmare Before Christmas (I consider this more of a Thanksgiving/Christmas movie, but it makes the list)
-It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown (can you believe I've never actually seen this?)

and, as much as I hate scary movies, you can't get around the classics (and they aren't really that scary anyways)
-The Birds
-Night of the Living Dead

Hopefully this inspires you to think about how you can do an un-scary Halloween too!


  1. Those are good fun choices! I need to see The Addams Family flicks again, been too long. And dang, I hope you LOVE Charlie Brown. It is a great one. Your "horror classics" are all great choices, too! Enjoy!

  2. So good to hear of another Halloween enthusiast who doesn't like scary, gory movies :) The classic Universal horror films are also good creepy-but-not-gory choices.