Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fluffy Stuff

I think its called tulle. Not entirely sure, but its fuuuun. Yet another project inspired by a sale at JoAnne fabrics...$2.50 for fifty bajillion yards of tulle, and they just happened to have black and orange. So I had to, naturally. I think it looks lovely and ethereal on the stairs, and while it's black and orange I like that it doesn't like scream in your face "ITS HALLOWEEN AND I'M BLACK AND ORANGE BECAUSE ITS HALLOWEEN". It was very...well transparent because it's tulle, so I doubled over the tulle and then draped it along the banisters like we normally do at X-mas with our cranberry wreaths.

And I had just enough to drape a bit from the chandelier in our dining room, accompanied by some dangling spiders, of course. Got to have a little spook. And if you look carefully, you might notice that I recycled the spiders from my pumpkin scone setup. Way to repurpose!

Okay fine, I'll go back to Chem now. It's so hard to enjoy Halloween when school gets in the way. But I did officially put a countdown to Halloween on the whiteboard in the research lab I work in. Woohoo!

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