Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Halloween Aesthetic

Blood, gore? Not my thing. You may balk, you may cry "but Lynnea, how could you love Halloween and not love severed heads?!" but I stand by my preferences.

Scary movies? Not my thing. But Lynnea, you say, how can you have Halloween without scary movies? I stand by my preference.

You see, I prefer not to be grossed out or terrified on Halloween. I prefer the colors, the vibe, the fun, the pumpkins. I battled with this preference last year, trying to figure out just how to define the Halloween that I love. Was it vintagey? Yeah, kindof, but not entirely. Was it cute? Not really, what about spooky? Nothing really fit, until I found this:

This artist was at ComiCon and I just went yes. That. That is what I love about Halloween. The bright colors in contrast with the dark backdrop, things that glow and light up, things with a lot of color and a little bit of scary, but not too scary.

The feeling that these works of art give me, that's the feeling I love about Halloween, and that's the feeling I try to recreate at my house during the season.

Question: What's your Halloween aesthetic? Tell me (better yet, can you show me?) in the comments!


  1. What's your Halloween aesthetic?

    I like to get into the spirit of things but I love the spiritual side of Halloween too. It fascinates me. I also love the fun stuff - chocolate, sweets, decos, etc.