Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gore in the Workplace

Notice anything about this picture?

Oh yeah there's a severed hand on the cart!

While I am not usually a fan of blood and guts and gore, this is a tasteful sprinkle of gore that I find completely hilarious.

We call him Thing.

September 25 was the day that our lab started decorating for Halloween. We take this very seriously. Chris brought in his box of tricks, and in addition to the 8 brightly colored wigs we have lying around during the rest of the year, we now have a bag of tricks to entertain us through the hallways.

The best part about this severed hand? Nobody in class noticed it until about 3 hours into the lab. He has also been seen reading Obama's Audacity of Hope and pipetting some samples for us. If you're lucky you may get some follow-up pictures of what Thing is up to during the month...

So, what's your favorite unexpected Halloween decoration? Tell me in the comments!