Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Costume Conundrum: Part 3

As I sat, confused and loathsome about the decision I had to make, I began to ponder the years of Halloweens past...thinking about the great (and awful) costumes that had come before....


My first ever Halloween costume was a ladybug. I was just past being a year old, and my mom sewed me a little red pillow with black dots on it, that I wore like a backpack over a black onesie. I crawled around and looked damned cute. My little sister had a similar butterfly costume for her first halloween.

The years between have been lost in memory but I have been many things and many people. I've been an alien, a witch, a pumpkin, a spider queen, Tinkerbelle, a white-sheet ghost with red tennies, and in the more recent years I bought a Princess Leia costume, and last year I decided to revive the ladybug. Red skirt, heels, red top, headband with antennae and a foam set of wings that I whacked people with all night. It was awesome.

So, as I considered the decision I had to make, I reminisced about the costumes that had come before, and thought that I had a lot to live up to...

So what did I pick? Find out in the last installment of the Costume Conundrum!

So, what were some of your favorite Halloween costumes you had as a kid? Tell me in the comments, and pictures are always welcome!

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