Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Costume Conundrum: Part 1

It all started on November 1st...

I found a pair of ruby red slippers, in my (ginormously huge) size, on sale, for practically nothing. How could I say no? So we got them, and it was decided. I would be Dorothy. End of story. My mom would help me make the classic blue gingham dress, which she swore was simple (I took her word). My hair is the perfct length to curl into the classic pigtails, and I had the shoes.


I tried them on. They fit, they worked fine, they would even have room for some whie socks with some lace, but they were...stiff. Hard. Not shoe material. They cut into the back of your foot and anywhere the edge came in contact, the sandpapery glitter itched and scratched and was not very nice.

Uh oh.

All of my Dorothy dreams came crashing down. I had already planned it out, my three dogs fit the personalities of the sidekicks down to a T. Dumbo Cody who can't drink water without choking and climbs down stairs like a rabbit? Clearly the Scarecrow, he is in desperate need of a brain. Meanie Toby who gets super jealous whenever another dog gets more attention than he does? Clearly the Tin Man, in desperate need of a heart. And cuddly Max, the oldest and meekest of the bunch who gets knocked around and doesn't stand up for himself when his favorite ball is taken, clearly, he is the Cowardly Lion.

Toto? No problem. I've got a fluffly kitty who loves baskets.

What to do? Find out next time!

Question: Have you ever found something you thought was perfect that turned out to be a disaster? Tell me in the comments!

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