Monday, September 21, 2009

Greeting and Salutations

Hello, internets!

Halloween is very near and dear to my heart, and it brings me a joy unparalleled by any other holiday. Every summer, as I realize my late September birthday is approaching, I realize that if my birthday is coming, that means Halloween must be soon after!

So now, with my birthday approaching, I'm realizing that as I'm exiting my teens, my love affair with trick-or-treating must come to an end. It has been a long, drawn-out goodbye with many years of "aren't you a bit old for this?" being asked at every door. And so, trick-or-treating, we must part ways.

But this doesn't mean that the fun is over. Oh no, it is just beginning. In mid-July, with my realization that Halloween was fast approaching, I started making decorations from scratch (a necessity on my college-student budget). I've pulled up old recipes and started looking up new ones, and any moment of boredom was filled with google searches of anything and everything Halloween.

I have a backlog of decorations and food that I hope to post once a day throughout October until the much-awaited day arrives. Creepy Crafties and Ghoulishly Good Recipes will probably frequent this page more than anything else, along with Halloween stories and memories, as well as costume ideas and Haunted Hauls, where I'll review halloween products that have managed to sneak past my frugal defenses, because they were just that darn cool.

I also hope to be listed on the Halloween Countdown Blog, which I hope will bring me readers and fellow Halloweeners (yes, I said it. As far as I'm concerned its an official term.)

I look forward to meeting you, blogosphere, and I hope that we might become good friends.

Leianea (hence the picture, and last years costume)

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